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Planning to have a tile roof installed or replaced?

Here are a few points to consider.

Best Practices

Does your contractor follow tile installation best practices? Does your contractor rely soley on underlayment to make the roof watertight? These are two very important questions the answers to before hiring a roofing contractor.

Is Roof Tile Only Decoration?

Some roofing contractors have the opinion that tile on a roof is more for decoration and they rely on the underlayment to keep the roof watertight. While tile is decorative this is not its primary function. Properly installed tile roofing sheds water and protects the underlayment extending the life of your roof.

Roof Repair

Tile roof repair cannot exceed 25% of the roof according to the building code. If the 25% limit is exceeded the roof has to be replaced. Tiles are durable during severe storms. They are a tough cookie to crack. However, tiles are not impervious to being lifted by high winds and set backdown in their original position. They may also shift.

Do Shifted Tiles Need To be Replaced

Shifted tiles need to be replaced because it has likely caused damage to the fastening system to shift as well. Fastening system shifting could crack the roof underlayment or leave holes that may result in a leak.

Roof Maintenance And Inspection

Tile roofs must be maintained and inspected to ensure longer roof life. Does your contractor offer a offer a maintenance and inspection program with documentation for insurance purposes and manufacture warranty?

Underlayment Facts

In recent years inprovements have been made in underlayment technology. These modified self adhering products are an improvement over older underlayment material. However they are not designed to handle prolonged sun exposure or repeted water saturation. The tile roof must be installed correctly to protect the underlayment as much as possible.

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